Boat Rides in Sri Lanka

Looking for a unique way to explore Sri Lanka? Try our boat rides!

Madu River Boat Safari

This wide biological variety originates in the Balapitiya region of Sri Lanka. It's accessible via the highway between Colombo and Galle. You can take fantastic boat trips along this canal/River.

Madu River Boat Safari- Sri Lanka

You will have a fantastic time on the water with a skilled boat driver, which you must do while visiting Sri Lanka. Due to the unique nature of visiting islands and cinnamon plantations, this ecotour will likely be experienced only once in a lifetime. You can get your feet cleaned by fish and enjoy the massage. With the baby crocodiles gone, we can finally meet the mangroves.

Pigeon Island

Because of the wide variety of species that have made this area their home, it was first designated as a sanctuary in 1963 and then reclassified as a national park in 2003.

Pigeon Island Boat Ride- Sri Lanka

You rarely get to view a coral reef this easily, so adding the coral reef to this beautiful boat safari adds a lot of value. People also do diving and snorkeling in this region, so you can choose to do either if you want to. May through October is the most incredible time of year to go on this boat safari. Simply put, the weather and sea conditions are ideal.

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Delft Island

Leaving from Jaffana, we have an hour to reach this tiny island populated by Tamils. Sri Lanka's government operates a boat service that takes passengers from Jaffna to Delft and back every day at 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. It's easy to rely on these boats' punctuality.

Delft Island Boat Ride- Sri Lanka

There are less than 5,000 people who make their home on this rural island, and they enjoy a unique, simple way of life that has made them famous for their extraordinary bio variety and wild horses.

Nagadeepa Island

This tiny island is only 37 kilometers from the Jaffna peninsula, and it too is accessible via a specialized boat service. It is the site of an old temple known as "Nagadeepa Viharaya".

Nagadeepa Island Boat Ride- Sri Lanka

To get here, you'll need to board the same ferry that goes to Delft Island, but the trip won't take more than 15 minutes. All these boat rides are possible thanks to safety procedures, and the sea air and bright sunshine will provide a unique hue to the short trip.