Hot Springs in Sri Lanka

Soak in the healing waters

There are no volcanoes that are currently active in Sri Lanka. Even so, Sri Lanka is home to 12 best known hot springs. The majority of the springs are located between Hambanthota and Trincomale.

Trincomalee District

  • Rankihiriya ( Ulpotha / Gomarankadawala )
  • Kanniya

Polonnaruwa District

  • Nelum Wewa (Galwewa , Madawawa hot springs)
  • Mutugalwela/ Gurukubura in Maduru Oya national park

Ampara District

  • Mahaoya
  • Wahawa (Marangala Springs)
  • Kapurella
  • Kivulegama (Jayanthi Wewa , Emmbilinne )

Hambanthota District

  • Madunagala (Mahapelessa, Sooriyawewa)

Except for the Wahawa hot water tube well, where water falls on to the head continuously from a height of about 12 feet, all of the hot springs are suitable for bathing with a bucket. It is necessary to purchase a ticket in order to use the hot springs at Kinniya, Mahaoya, and Madunagala, but these locations have been carefully developed as bathing spots by local councils.

We include stops at hot springs as much as possible on our circuitous tours. However the Kanniya - Trincomalee hot spring is the most well-known of Sri Lanka's many hot springs. Do you know what it's like to see a bubbling spring that's full of hot water? You can also enjoy a bubbling bath soak. In a word, it's healthy.

Kanniya Hot Water Springs - Sri Lanka

Kanniya Hot Water Springs - Trincomalee

Among Sri Lanka's many thermal springs, Kanniya Hot Water Springs is by far the most well-known and frequented. Kanniya Hot Water Springs are located in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. This Kanniya Hot water Springs complex consists of seven individual wells. Furthermore, their shapes are identical - square. You can see right down to the bottom of these shallow wells, which are only three to four feet in depth. The temperatures differ from one spring to the next. They range from extremely hot to pleasantly warm. Some are also sparkling. We can only use so many buckets before the water in most of the wells runs out.