Trekking, Hiking and Mountain Climbs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a paradise for adventure seekers

“Some mountains only require a good pair of shoes. Others require an entire team to conquer. Knowing which is which, is the key to success.” – We Dream of Travel

Indeed, there is truth in this well-known saying. Let's lace up our boots and head up the mountain together.

It's plenty for a day of exciting mountain climbing. Sri Lanka is a great place to visit if you enjoy hiking and are an active traveler because it has many exciting trails to explore. And some will decide to go on a pilgrimage. Even though you may be exhausted after a day of hiking, the incredible scenery at the end will make it all worthwhile. Put some water and energy drinks in your backpacks, just in case.

Pidurangala Rock Hike

You have to go through some exciting territory to get to the mountain's peak, but once there, all you find is a rock. An attractive panorama awaits you at the peak of a nearby rock. It is the fortress of Sigiriya, or "lion rock," as you have dubbed it.

Pidurangala - Sri Lanka

In this spot, you can see the Sigiriya fortress more clearly and in greater detail than any other. And we have no doubt that you will add numerous pictures to your journal. The cost to visit Pidurangala is minimal. Depending on your schedule and preferences, you can watch the sun rise or set from the summit of Pidurangala. But we must tell you that the hike is fantastic because of the breathtaking scenery.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress Hike

Sigiriya Lion Rock has 1200 steps leading to the summit, so let's begin at the bottom. Tiredness will be managed to forget as you take in the breathtaking panorama from the fortress's windy summit. It's a great place to watch the sun come up.

Sigiriya - Sri Lanka

Visit the museum within this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Using cutting-edge architectural methods, you will learn the incredible history behind the building's construction.

Sri Pada / Adam's Peak

It would take you at least three hours to hike to the summit of Adam's Peak. The cool air this morning will revitalize your day. If you want to see the sunrise, we'll need to get going between 1 or 2 in the morning. However, if you're young, fit, and have some hiking experience under your belt, we can get going as late as 3 in the afternoon.

Sri Pada / Adam's Peak - Sri Lanka

Adam's Peak is at its most beautiful and accessible between the months of December and May, and unlike many other tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, entry to the peak is completely free of charge. Everything is ridiculously overpriced at the top, so bring your own water and snacks if you can, and remember to recycle your plastics to keep this holy ground clean. To be near Adam's Peak or Sri Pada, let's reserve your accommodation in Nallathanniya.

Little Adam's peak

This name was given to Little Adam's Peak maybe because It's like a miniature of the sacred adam's peak, but the little adam's peak is an attractive journey of a few hours in a heart-touching blissful surrounding.

Little Adam's peak - Sri Lanka

It will always make you energized when you walk through small tea plantations. The climate in Ella is that much amazing. We are sure you'll ask us to book more than one night there.

Ella Rock

The Ella Rock hike, which is about 10 km round trip and will take between 3 and 5 hours depending on your fitness, is not a straightforward hike like the other hikes you do in Sri Lanka. If you choose the wrong person to be your guide, you will get lost and the journey will not be exciting or unique. Be careful; you will get lost if you follow the wrong signs.

Ella Rock - Sri Lanka

Because this is not a crowded area, you should be cautious about your safety. If you go with someone who doesn't know the proper way, you will have the worst experience you've ever had. Avoid bringing expensive items with you. Don't bring heavy items with you because they will make you tired; instead, wear appropriate hiking clothing.

Be cautious of the animals and insects along the way, but it's not something too serious. Your guide will give you advice on everything related to this. Ella Rock is a fantastic hiking destination, and we highly recommend it. Don't miss it because it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It would be one of your amazing photo hikes while on vacation in Sri Lanka.

Ritigala Mountain Hike

Ritigala is a peaceful and quiet environment overall. You'll experience an ethereal, otherworldly sensation there. You will be beyond words. Monkeys in Ritigala are real thieves, so don't bother bringing any snacks with you. You can't bat an eyelid without them snatching your treats. When travelling from Anuradhapura to the Habarana region, you will pass by this ancient monastery, which is located in the province of the north. Don't miss out on this unique and mysterious destination. This mountain is steeped in legend and folklore for us. It's commonly thought of as a Ramayana location. Also, legend has it that Hanuman was asked to transport medicines from the Himalayas to Sri Lanka, so he brought this mountain instead.

Ritigala Mountain - Sri Lanka

We have no idea how true this is but it certainly seems incredible. In any case, you'll find plenty of useful plants here. The climate is chilly and it frequently fogs up there. Like Ella, you will become disoriented if you don't carefully follow the signs and avoid the restricted areas. Sri Lanka's Department of Wildlife Conservation is responsible for its upkeep. Don't forget to do a quick Google search for "folk stories about Ritigala," as there are many wonderful tales to be read about this fantastic location. We should definitely add this to our itinerary.

Rose Quartz Mountain Range

On the road from Dambulla to Anuradhapura, there is a turnoff to "Jathika Namal Uyana," a forest of ironwood trees and the largest rose quartz mine in Asia. Walking through an ancient ironwood forest takes about 30 minutes.

Rose Quartz Mountain Range - Sri Lanka

You can take in a breathtaking panorama of Rose Quartz Mountain at the halfway point. Sometimes the quartz will be so reflective that you'll need to wear sunglasses outdoors. The ascent to the peak is possible for anyone with the right footwear. From the peak, you can see for miles across the verdant landscape. It stands to reason that a Buddha statue could be found in a predominantly Buddhist nation.


Mihintale - Sri Lanka

Mihinthale hiking isn't too hard, and it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to get to the top of the rock, where it's very windy and there's a small viewpoint. Mihinthale is an important place for the Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

Hike to Lipton's Seat

This amusing hiking along the tea bushes in Haputhale would never make you disappointed. It's nice walking around 7km from Dambathenna - a tea plantation area, and finally brings you to this lovely viewpoint. You'll entertain this journey by walking other than riding in a vehicle.

Lipton's Seat - Sri Lanka

Because you can visit the tea factory and plantations along this hike. It's easy to add this to your tour plan during your day tours in Haputale and Ella.

Horton Plains

This 9 km journey will bring you to the most mesmerizing viewpoint called world's end, This is a hike with no regrets. This hike will be a safari for you if you are lucky. It's believed that around 16 leopards are living in this area Also, many people have met animals like elk, deer, wild boar, porcupines, a variety of other animals and migrating birds, etc there.

Horton Plains - Sri Lanka

So this would be a lifetime experience for you that you would never regret about. This hiking covers two virtual viewpoints called World's End and Mini World's End. The open time is from 6 am to 4 pm.

Trekking in Sinharaja

This biodiversity hotspot belongs to the Rathanapura district and defined as a forest reserve cover up around 88 square kilometers. You must hire an experienced trekking guide in Sinharaja to complete this hiking not to waste your time and money, Be careful from leaches and wear your safe clothes and don't forget to use sprays to protect from various insects. Your trekking guide will advise you on all these key points, This place was described as a world heritage in 1988 by UNESCO.

Trekking in Sinharaja - Sri Lanka

This forest reserve is the last viable primary tropical rainforest in Sri Lanka. You must dedicate a whole day to do this beatific trekking. And this would be an incredible experience for your whole life. Remember to charge your camera before this trek because you'll meet new friends there (insects, snakes, butterflies, worms, birds, etc.) This evergreen background will steal your eyes and will vanish your tiredness, but remember to bring enough water with you.