Everything you need to know about Sri Lanka

What language is spoken in Sri Lanka?

The local people in the country speak several languages because Sri Lanka is a multi-national county. Sri Lanka is populated with Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people. They have different cultures, Religions and languages.

Languages spoken by different religious groups

Sinhala people - Buddhists & Christians - speak the Sinhala language
Tamil people - Hindu - speak the Tamil language
Muslim people - Islam - speak the Tamil language

Is English spoken throughout Sri Lanka?

Most Sri Lankans can not speak English. Especially the people in rural areas do not speak English. But English is a good language popular among the city people in Sri Lanka. Besides, nowadays, most Sri Lankans speak English little by little

What currency is used in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR). Symbolized by the "Rs." on price tags.

Do I need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?

Yes, you do need a tourist visa to enter the country for a short time to go on a trip, see the sights, take a vacation, or visit friends.
Visit www.eta.gov.lk to find out more about visas and flights as we do not involve to handle them.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Sri Lanka?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no, So I recommend you to drink bottled water with quality certificates like SLS or ISO. It’s more safer than drinking the tap water. If not you can use the filtered water provided by government services in some areas.

When is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka?

The greatest months to travel to the west and south coasts, as well as the Cultural Triangle, are typically December through April, while the best months to explore the east coast are May through October.

Is Sri Lanka a family-friendly destination?

Why not? It's not just a place for tourists to visit like many other countries. It's your own home with everything you need for a trip. If you want to travel to a peaceful country with your family and have the best vacation ever, visit Sri Lanka. The honest people of Sri Lanka will help you spend your vacation in a fruitful way.

What are the best things to do in Sri Lanka?

Tour itineraries have been filled to near capacity with nearly every possible activity and location. There are countless activities in Sri Lanka, and we list them all in our Best Tour Packages in Sri Lanka .

Will I get WiFi connectivity? Can I buy a local sim card there?

You can use the public WiFi service inside the airport. When you leave the luggage area, you'll see sim carts with different names in the area where people are waiting. Like Dialog, Airtel, Hutch etc.
You can choose any network because we now have strong connections to almost all connections across the country.

How much does it cost to tour Sri Lanka?

Although a trip to Sri Lanka is somewhat affordable, it is much ideal if you have a great deal of cash on hand. We have provided a list of average costs for the services you require in Sri Lanka to make it simple. Go to Sri Lanka Price List -

What are the emergency numbers in Sri Lanka?